A&E and Bravo


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A&E and Bravo

Alright I have been tracking this song for awhile now.

The first time I heard it was on Bravo channel where they did a promo for all their shows...The one part that stood out was Jack MaCoy yelling out "this is the district Attorney's office we prosecute criminals"

The second time I heard this was on A&E where they did basically the same thing by plugging their own shows..

THis was back in December and I didnt bother really trying to look for it up until today when I was watching T.V and saw a promo for Guiding Light...some CBS soap...so I went on the website and low and behold they had the promo via internet....So please feel free to watch it..

CBS Daytime

Please Click on the "This week in GL" promo; Its about half ways down the side bar

My best guess is I probably cant even get it because i bet it has something to to with Immediate Music..I so wish they would let people purchase their stuff