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okay i have been watching a lot of bravo lately and in the ads for the networks upcoming shows there is this song, it is in numerous promos and it is driving me crazy cause i know the song but i cant remember it. it is really important for me to find out the song. it sounds like 70s rock and roll. my friend used to spin this song all the time at a dance night and he has passed away so i cant ask him about it, and it would be great to know it for many reasons.

now i have searched all the bravo topics on here, multiple web sites, and thier site, and i even wrote to bravo to ask them and they sent me an automated reply email.

i wish i had more info on the song but unfortunitely my cable has been turned off, so now i am lost without being able to provide more information. alls i can say is it isnt the recent songs people have identified.

please help. thanks
Can you describe the song more? Any lyrics? Male/female vocals, etc.

What was happening in the particular ads you heard the song on?