90's Dance Song


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Do anyone remember a 90's song that started with the lyrics " Give to me baby , I think i love ya". I really like to know the title and who sang it. Thanks.
Based on those lyrics here are two search results that I found:

Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring

Give it to Me Baby by Rick James

I have a feeling that neither of these are correct though. Can you tell us any more lyrics, the genre, and was this a male or female singer?
Thanks for the reply but you are right none of those songs are correct. I think another part of the song goes something like this " Give it to me baby, I think i love ya, you have me drive insane and i don't think i need ya. Sorry thats all i know. Also it is by a male singer, i know somebody knows this song, it was pretty popular dance song.
I did some research on my own and figured it out it's Ariba by Joee.