90s dance/pop tune


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So I was listening to this song in a restaurant, it's got kind of a ATB/Alice Deejay kind of feel, the vocals were female, kind of a raspy voice--almost like Macy Gray or Abra Moore. The only lyrics I can remember from the chorus is the phrase "love me," and something like, "but I don't know your name," or....SOMETHING about not knowing your name...tell me you love me, or something like that. Fair warning: a lot of other tunes I recognized while I was eating were dance covers of rock songs, so this one might be the same too--not a real dance tune, but some rock song remixed.

Anyway, I'll do some googling, but has anyone got any ideas? Throw things out. The weird vocals really threw me for a loop, I don't know too many people with that kind of voice....
I was looking for "Lovefool" by the Cardigans. Nice sappy tune that makes you want to kill yourself.