80s (?) pop song thats KILLING ME!


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theres this song i heard on the radio with this very 80s electronic beat and the singer was a girl that sounded a bit like Blondie (could have possibly been her but im not sure) and the only lyrics and can recall are "so next time you see him, could you please tell him: I have a boyfriend" and then the chorus goes something along the lines of "boyfriend, boyfriend my *something* boyfriend" and that repeats a few times. if you have a clue at all id love your help. thank you!
It's not 80's electronic but could it be "boyfriend" by Marth Redbone?
while i was looking for the song with those lyrics that you posted, i found this cool song : Fe Fe Dobson - Bye Bye Boyfriend.

i doubt that's it, but thought i'd post my findings anywayz. she sounds so bratty on the chorus

"Byeee byeee boyfriieeeend!!" :angry: ;)