80's and 90's


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hey there! so i've looked for these songs everywhere i thought off,now it's up to u guys to bring me outta my misery!
1st song- i heard it in 1996-1997ish, it's a female singer,the lyrics i recall are- "...i see the signs and i know,that it's right {or time} for me to go. I'm on my way,if you think of history,will you still remember me?"

2nd song- late 80's early 90's i believe, another female singer,the lyrics are-
" just like a dream i found you,searching for the love inside you,there's nobody else you're my destiny. take away my sleepless nights,be the lovely of my life,tell me that our love is like a fantasy. there was a time remember? promises were made to eachother. share with me the love that was meant for me."

in this song,there was also a part that sounded indian,arabian or whatever!

there u have it guys! any info will be used to the furthest extent! thanx!
Sliding Doors Soundtrack

Artist: Peach Union
Song: On My Own

They played this song incessantly at my gym back in in '98.
hey! this is the song i've searched EVERYWHERE for and nobody knew it! you're right on!!!
it's "on my own" by peach union.
this is the site to be on!!!