50 cent/Eminem song???


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Hey I can't hardly remember this one song on the radio but I think the chorus part is ending in "in" Like the words they say end with a "IN" I think its sung partly by 50 cent and other people too but Hopefully someone knows which song this is because its a cool one....please help! Thanks ;)
I heard it on launchcast and the dumb thing that tells you the song didnt work just for that song! I'm not really sure whether its old or new, but a guess would be nice :rolleyes:
I remember some more...its like "we Husslin we busslin thats why we...__lin" Something like that...
I have a few guesses....

First: There's a song by Lloyd Banks called "Warrior Part 2." It's on his album "Hunger For More." There's no "hustlin," or "bustlin," or whatever. However, the track is a collaboration between, Eminem-50 Cent-Nate Dogg-and of course, Lloyd Banks.

Second: There's a 50 Cent & Eminem collaboration that's just coming out. It doesn't have any lyrics with "hustlin" or "bustlin" though either. It's called "Gatman & Robbin." It's available on the 50 Cent album "Massacre."

Third: I did a little searching and there's a song by Eminem (aka B Rabbit) called "Broke Is Not Fun." It's something that he sang in "8 Mile," but it's not on any of the soundtracks...probably just one of his freestyle raps from the movie (I don't remember I only saw it once). The lyrics end in "I'm tired of hustlin' and bustlin' and strugglin'." The full lyrics are posted below (copied and pasted from lyricsondemand).

Broke Is Not Fun Lyrics

i be talkin this shit like im gonna change the rap game
but these motherfuckers dont even know my name
everyone may think my shit all sounds the same
but forreal if u been thru some of the shit ive been thru
u would act, walk, talk, and think the same way i do
u gotta understand that im tired of having a lack of funds
reaching down into my pockets and pullin out a wad of ones
this world gets more matierialistic with every day
and all u hang on every word that i say, so y would i play
im not here to fancy yal out and impress a town
i dont need to worry about that
i got bigger things to worry about now
all im lookin for in this world is a change
to make me feel better im tired of hustlin and bustlin
and strugglin all that shit is getting old and making me cold