40 Days and 40 Nights


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i was just watching the movie on tv today and there was a guy singing in the backround when josh ( forget his characters name) is working on his little box thing with the bus in it and his ex girlfriend comes in and he uses the line i have thought about you, i have thought about us, but when you walked in here it was the first day i didnt get all fucked up about you.

does anyone know what i am talking about or am i just crazy?
If you're wanting to know the name of the playing song in the background when Matt (Josh Hartnett) is fixing up the box before his ex comes over, the song is called "Space to Share."

Do these lyrics sound right?:

"And I've been thinking about
What I'm gonna do with today..."

The band that does it is called Scapegoat Wax and you can find it on their album 'Okeeblow.'

Hope that helps.