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I did a search under "Morgan Spurlock" and "Super Size Me" and nothing came up so I hope I'm not being redundant and if I am I apologize.

I'm looking for the song being during a television promo for Morgan Spurlock's new television show. I can't remember the name of the show but Spurlock appears on camera during the entire promo.

The song has kind a guitar riff, and the chorus is kind of like, "La-La-La-La La La La La" (I just read that and it made no sense, sorry). I've heard the song before for different movie trailers.

The only "La-La-La-La" song I can think of from recent memory (that has been in movie trailers), is 40 ft. by Franz Ferdinand, but I can't see that being in any tv promos. But ya never know.
Thank you but that's not the one. It airs on FX and the show is called, 30 Days. I've heard the song used in many trailers. It's got this guitar riff and the words are like, "I said a la la la la la la" I don't if that helps BUT I GOTTA GET THAT SONG!
Haven't seen the commercial, but sounds like you're describing Kaiser Chiefs "I Predict A Riot." (Amazon sample has the "la la la" part!)
That's not the song but I found it! It's Iggy Pop, "The Passenger".

Thanks for all your help though, it was a hard one.
I think the one in the promo spot may actually be the Siouxsie cover.

EDIT: OK, I changed my mind - definitely Iggy, but I still like Siouxsie's version better.
I was wondering if any of you guys know the music in the commercial for 30 Days, the new show on FX by the guy who did Supersize Me. It seems like its a 60s song, but none of the lyrics are on it except "la la la la la la la la" etc. Any ideas? :huh:

I looked on FX's site but they don't have the promo... But maybe seeing this might jog someone's memory: http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/...0days/main.html
u know that guy hu made that movie 'supersize me'? and that he made a series, and its called 30 days, well, I want to know the name of the song in that latest commercial, all you rele get to hear is like

'la la la la la la la la la la' but its in such a fun tune that I rele want it.

It's a song with a guy humming, I searched but didn't find anything..It's like with a guitar and he's going la la la la la la la

I LOVE that show so much, thank god it's coming back again <333 morgan spurlock