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I turn 21 tomorrow on the 21st, thats right, Golden 21st Birthday. Too bad I don't drink because if I did I would probably be wrecked.

I'm getting a new tire and distributor from my dad. :lol:
21 eh? :naughty:

Happy birthday, fella. I shall celebrate by seeing dead bodies at the museum. :eek:k:
Happy Birthday! Now get over here so I can spank that ass 21 times :naughty:
haha! in australia the legal drinking age is 18! bwahahahahahaha!

sorry, i have a lot of friends who have gone over to the states from here only to find that they can no longer legally buy alcohol. It's fun to rub it in. :lol:

but seriously, happy birthday
What do you want?

Everyone, what do you guys want? Drinks are on me!!! :D
Heyyy I remember that! Parrot and Pepper for me too please!

Parrot and Pepper, always a good decision.
*Walks into adtunes in a goofy old guy costume.*
White Russian - easy on the vodka, shot of Tequila Rose, and ummmmmm *scanning drink menu in head* let's do a milargo margarita frozen with salt :)

An email Melissa?