2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder


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Can't remember whether or not the commercial was for the Coupe or the Spyder, but it's a new commercial they haven't put up on any of the Mitsubishi websites yet.

This is the car:


The voice over says something about a "speed sensitive sound system."

I'll post a video if it ever comes up again.

The song itself is electronic and a little aggressive sounding (I'm trying to recall since I saw the commercial yesterday).
haha, just saw this today and was about to post the same topic. bumb for great justice!
on a side note, reminds me a lot of "Enjoy the Silence (Trance Remix)" By Sasha and Digweed, but really, it's a tad off off on the voice/bass level.
Bump! I would really like to know what this song is, too!
Things that go bump in the night.
ahhh , i was gonna post this question but alas! it has already been done, and nobody knows the song yet?? :unsure:

Yes, I just saw the commercial and would also like to know.

A note on that commercial... GM has been putting speed sensitive sound in their vehicles since 2000 (at the latest)
The :30 television commercial, titled "Song," was shot in Southern California on an old airport runway showing a line of Spyders,...The scene is set to a composition influenced by modern Japanese music.

Thats all I got.
Thanks for the better quality link ragingfish.

I'm going to be posting it on one of those electronic music forums as soon as they e-mail me a registration link.

I'll post the link to that forum thread here so we can keep an eye on it.
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Does anyone know the Mitsubishi marketing e-mail address?

I'm sure at one point or another someone on here has had to e-mail Mitsubishi about a commercial.