2005 Nissan X-Trail


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This song doesn't have any lyrics (in the ad anyway). It's mostly base guitar....all the SUV's in this ad are red..seeminly in the middle of nowhere. Can anyone help me out/???? add details if you have any
Yeah id like to know this song too. Its pretty nifty.

The ad basically features three Nissan X-trails at a river in the middle of the woods, they all park next to each other, and the camera pans across showing the different cars with different things inside to show the versitility of the SUV.

The music is totally instrumental, and its fairly upbeat.

eh. edit edit.

Its been said its Surfing on a Rocket, i dont think it is this song.
The "Surfing On A Rocket" ad is just one SUV and it bursts from the jungle/woods onto the beach. Not the same ad from your description.

july 15, 2004, i received this:

We wish to acknowledge your recent E-Mail communication to Nissan

The music was scored specifically for the ads and is not for purchase.

We thank you for writing and allowing us to respond.

Yours truly,

Nissan Canada Inc.
Customer Services
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It looks like there are several Nissan X-trail commercials out there; I'm also really interested in knowing about the music in one of them:

- it features a red X-trail (can't remember if there's more than one) and shows it driving through various lush wooded areas. The music is entirely instrumental and has a repeating piano loop. Very "mellow"-sounding.

Is this the same tune discussed above, or something different? I've seen the commercial on Global TV and StarTV (both Canadian stations, so the ad mentions nissan.ca at the end)
It's Air - Surfing on a Rocket, and it has been released, so I'm not sure what Nissan is talking about
Wrong ad I think Flip. The ad in this thread more than one SUV in it. ;)
Hi, I'm new here, but I've been drifting around the forums for a while now, and I think this is my best chance to find the song I'm looking for.

In the commercial, there is a man driving his SUV, then the camera snaps around him and you can see his puppy bulldog in the back seat. Then it snaps around again, and he's wearing a different suit. It turns to the passenger seat and you see his new wife, who hen leans over to look at the back, and it turns to revela a kid in a car seat, and a fully grown dog in the 'trunk', and it continues on like this until the comercial ends.

I prepared a MIDI file of what the song kinda sounds like, but I'd appreciate it if someone could help me find the full song. Thanks in advance!

The MIDI file is here
i asked about this ad when i also asked about the music for this ad
and i got the same reply.

the instrumentals ones are soooo good....and i think its only showing in le Canada
the ad starts off with my bloody valentines' "sometimes" which is very guitar heavey being shoegaze , then is spliced with air's "surfing on a rocket" as the closer thats why that the "single song" is not for sale because its to edited songs.

Close my eye(s)
Feel the high
I don't know
But you could not love me now
You alone
And I feel down to the ground
Over there
And I want to ???
You can hide
Oh, but where to?
chorus :
surfing on a rocket
Okay, there are 3 versions of this commercial.

One is the heavily editted one, that nissan wont give out, the second is Surfing on a Rocket, and finally the third one is Couch Surfer by Bran Van 3000 which is featured in Theatres in Canada.