2004 Summer Olympics Athens


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Hi, i was wondering if any of you guys watched the olympic ceremony.
This might be a llllong shot, but theres this song that want to know.
The song actually started when they had that "scene" of that pregnant woman.
does anybody remember or even know the title to this song? i think ive heard of it before. ...but yeah.
I recognized it, but unfortunately I couldn't tell you what it is. Not my scene.

Equally familiar is a lot of the stuff from the march. Can we possibly get a running listing of the tunes they're using?
So far, I've found the following:

Internationally renowned DJ Tiesto will perform a 90-minute set as part of Friday's (Aug. 13) opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens. The Dutch artist's live set will accompany the traditional parade of athletes from all participating nations as they enter the Greek city's new Olympic Stadium.

Tiesto is expected to incorporate new tracks produced especially for the event, as well as songs suited to the inspirational aspect of the Games. (source)

Although, the music isn't from the Olympics, you can check out DJ Tiesto's most recent album release here.
Bjork performed the song she wrote specifically for the Olympics called "Oceania," which is included on her next release "Medula." (available on August 31.)
Their are three "official" CDs associated with the 2004 Athens Olympics. I've listed them below along with their descriptions from the Athens 2004 website:

"Unity": An eclectic mix of top international artists include Lenny Kravitz, Sting, Destiny's Child, Avril Lavigne, Tarkan, and Kadim Al Sahir. With an underlying theme of harmony and peace, most of the 16 tracks on UNITY are exclusive to this album.

"Harmony": A collection of beautiful classic melodies, featuring great artists such as Maria Callas, Placido Domingo, Nigel Kennedy, Vanessa Mae, Sarah Brightman, Helmut Lotti, and Vangelis Papathanasiou.

"Phos": The record that most closely represents the spirit of Greece. The album’s 18 songs by Mikis Theodorakis, with the participation of 15 leading musicians, were chosen to put across the ardour and spirituality of the Greek soul to the whole world. (Not available until August 31.)
I keep coming across this stuff, so figured I'd keep posting what I find. :)

The music of composer John Psathas was heard at the opening of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece on 13 August 2004. Mr Psathas has composed and arranged music to accompany parts of the opening ceremonies.

His music includes a number of especially composed fanfares and processionals to accompany the arrival of the IOC President, the lighting of the Olympic cauldron and to precede the Olympic oaths, and he is responsible for the soundtrack to the entire ‘flame sequence’ of the ceremony. Mr Psathas has also arranged the National Anthem of Greece, the Olympic Hymn, and music by Shostakovich, Debussy and the foremost living Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis to accompany other parts of the ceremony. The fireworks at the Games’ closing ceremony on 29 August will also feature music composed by Mr Psathas.(Source)

You can find out more about John Psathas at his official Website.
it had violins playing and lasted through the whole routene ! sorry i can't be anymore detail oriented :unsure: lol
Can someone tell me enough details for me to be able to purchase the music which is used behind each victory (medal presentation) ceremony at the olympics. ;)
Hmm... The only music I know of playing during the Medals ceremonies is the Gold Medalist's National Anthem...

Are you referring to other music, maybe being played by NBC? Can you describe the music?
Surely I can't be getting a different coverage than you as this is the ceremony where all three medalists come out and get their crown, flowers and medals. Music is played whilst this happens, quietely behind the announcer who is compering the ceremony. It starts as they walk out for it and only stops for the respective anthem, and finishes off again as the walk off. Hard to describe other than very moving and inspirational - hence my desire to be able to buy it.
I hope we can have this tracked down - thanks. :rolleyes:
Ahh, okay. I haven't paid enough attention I guess. I'll see if I hear it on tonight's coverage.
The Olympics have ended tonight as we all know. During the credits, when it was showing clips of the entire games and the actual credits towards the right, some really great strings music was playing. Anyone recognize it?
I know towards the beginning they used music from the movie Dragonheart by Randy Edelman, but that definitely wasn't the only music they used.
I really liked the credits.

Some tunes that came to mind:

- Dragonheart soundtrack
- Trevor Rabin, not sure which it soundtracks but could be from several "The 6th Day" and "Deep Blue Sea" come to mind.

that's all I really recognized.

anyone know where one can download clips from the Olympic? torrents?
I just remembered... besides Beethoven's Symphony No.9 'Ode to Joy' and Dragonheart, they also used music from the movie Shakespeare in Love by Stephen Warbeck. Sorry, I'm big movie score fan :)
what is the one where they pan around the islands, they also use it in between the short commercial breaks too.
there was this one time when like 7 greek singers went on stage and sand these songs.. there was one song with some word " remorae? remoray? remortay?" :blink: something along those lines.. it was a guy singing it too.. k well anyways there were other songs in that scene too that were sung by the other singers.. if you know any of them tag back. thanks ;)