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The new nissan sentra commercial has this wikked drum 'n' bass track and i cant figure it out does anyone know the name? its a pretty hard track

Yeah man i know what you mean i've been searching for this song for almost 2 weeks now and i finally came across this site. I've been lookin on Kazza and every other media browser. I'll post it on here if i found it and would apreciate it if you did the same if you found it.
looked through the forum already and I still can't find the 2004 Nissan Sentra commercial song. Its not the water balloon one. Its the one where its just driving on the road and theres lots of Techno/Drum and Bass. Please any help would be appreciated.
Might be why you're not getting many responses -- it might not be showing in the US or not yet, at least... We'll keep an eye out. In the mean time, have you tried contacting Nissan and asking them? Or, is the ad online where others could watch it?
:blink: Imma callin them on monday and figuring this out! :blink:
Thanks for the link. That tune is sufficiently "wikked" to receive a free bump. B)
It was me who did the song for the Nissan Commercial. I am a producer from Toronto. I made that track in late 2001. It was never released on any media to this date other than the commercial. You won't find it anywhere on the web, other than the nissan site!

You can email me for more info. I have tones of music.