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I had also searched for this too and still, there is none. I saw other budlight/weiser threads and I have downloaded the music that others were talking about and its not what Im looking for. Anyhow, I'm looking for this song or an instrumental that shows people dancing and it changes the scene by sliding the beer bottle from left to right across the screen to some other people talking and dancing. I just wanted to know the name of that song. Thanks for your time and understanding. Peace.
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Yeah I have that song too, by Daft Punk, but the scene that you were talking about has the intro with a dude, a guitar, and a beer bottle. When he was throwing a couple of notes onto his string, Daft Punk's music began. But thats not the commercial. Its the one where people were dancing and every 4 seconds, the beer bottle appears by sliding it from left to right. And after every 4 seconds, you will see different scenes such as people sitting down laughing and having fun. The music's instrumental but very seldomly, you'll hear some guy echoing "Check 1, Check 1..."
To Get Down by Timo Maas???I know this song has came out on a Budweiser commercial but I don't know if it's the one you're looking for.
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This song's coo too, but not what im looking for either. ima record the commercial whenever it comes on and i'll try to see if i can bring it up on here.
Originally posted by tinkerbell19@Apr 30 2004, 07:59 AM
i think it's Able to Love by Benny Benassi???
That song was used in the "mirror image" style ad, the one that kind of splits down the middle of the screen and two halves make a whole (if that makes any sense)... People are dancing in the background and if I remember correctly, lots of bright colors are flashing on the screen... I don't remember the beer bottle, but maybe that's the right ad... :unsure:
yep, this is what i was looking for, tinkerbell. thanks for your help, as well as you, michelle and djflowerz, for your help.