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Its the last song before the credits roll. The film's main character is Samuel L. Jackson and the movie was released around 1999
Hmm... not sure. IMDb only lists one song, "Karma Koma" by Massive Attack & Tricky. And, that song is on the Soundtrack at Amazon... maybe it's the one you're after?
2 tracks that appear in the movie have been plagueing my mind for a long while now.

1. is the scene where samuel l jacksons character is arriveing at the projects where ceasar lives, some kids are throwing shoes to the power lines and one pair falls on his car,, the song is erie kinda like a chant..

2.there other one is at the end when every one is graduating and littleton is staring at everyone from a fence.

if anyone has any info it would be the best in helping me clear me mind..
i can answer #2
wilderness by V-love...
I know I bought the soundtrack just for that song, but theres a tight Method man track on that album!
This has been killing me recently

I'm trying to figure out what the name of the song is that plays when Garfield goes over to Caesar's house. When he pulls up to the curb and the kids are throwing the shoes at the wire.

If I remember correctly it was a song used in Fifa 99 if that helps

Thanks in advance