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    XM Sports

    Does anyone know what song was used in the recent XM sports commercial? http://www.orbitcast.com/archives/new-xm-s...commercial.html
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    Comedy on XM Radio

    I heard this funny comedy act on xm the other day. The guy talked about when he way young getting hit with a snow ball by a kid named "Junior Barns". He said he then took a snow ball and put it in the freezer til july to get this kid back. Anyone heard this act before? I need to know the...
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    XM satellite radio ad with several songs

    Whats the name of SNoop's song at the end of the commercial
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    Acura 2004 TL

    The ad start with the car pushing its way through low fog cutting a trail on the road. it then creates it's own bridge as it keeps driving across the valley. all digital. the music is a new age, no word but a few vocal chants in the back ground