1. C

    Visa Football Fantasy "Touchdown Pass" Drew Brees

    Anyone know what the background song is? Thanks!
  2. Guest

    Visa Olympics London 2012 Lopez Lomong

    Looking for the name of the piece which starts at 0:12 in this video. Does anyone recognize it?
  3. S

    Visa Trip of a Lifetime "Surf"

    Heard this song a couple of months ago and I don't think they air it anymore. Here is the youtube link: Thanks in advance
  4. J

    Visa NFL "Ned's Journey to the Super Bowl"

    Visa NFL "Ned's Journey to the Super Bowl" There is a commercial for the NFL (possibly VISA included as well?) where you can win a trip to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. The song is "Going back to Indiana" but I can not determine who is singing it (it is not the Jackson 5 doing the version in...
  5. D


    Hi everyone! I'm looking to find the name and artist of the song that is featured in the latest Visa ad for chip and pin technology. The only lyrics come at the end of the commercial and I believe they are something like this-- "go go, go on, go go, let's go" If you can help me, I'd owe you one
  6. C

    Visa "Olympics for Life"

    The music from Visa's "Olympics for Life" campaign- narrated by Morgan Freeman- sounds familiar, but I can't seem to place it. Does anyone know the name of the music and the performer or composer? I tried checking the threads but haven't been successful in finding anything.
  7. D

    Visa Debit NFL "Go Football"

    The song is im shipping up to boston by the dropkick murphys. It was also in the movie the departed and is on the soundtrack. Deren
  8. farbeyond

    Visa Debit "Pizzeria" Hi, just saw a commercial for Visa Debit which showed the workings of a pizzeria and it used the song: Renato Carosone - "Mambo Italiano" Get It At:
  9. H

    Visa aquarium

    theres like an aquarium in the commercial with what i thought was a version of a beatles song
  10. R

    Visa "Travel Happy" Matt Harding dancing

    This visa ad where the man dances his way round the world. What is the music and who does it ? thank you.
  11. T

    Visa NFL gameday football

    Anyone know what the symphonic song is playing is? The commercial seems to air on Fox during NFL games mostly. It has the phrase "Go Fans" and the ad line is Visa, for gameday, it's the only way to go. Thanks, Ten.
  12. B

    Visa Olympic Games "Go World" Morgan Freeman

    Visa Olympic Games "Go World" Morgan Freeman anyone know who does the song for the one with Derek Redmond?...or any of these commercials..they're all awesome (=
  13. G

    old, old Visa commercial music

    I'm looking for the music to a really old Visa commercial. I think it aired back in the mid to late 1990s. It had really pretty classical music, and was set like a period-piece movie. The actors were in what looked like 18th or 19th century clothing. There was a voice over telling a story...
  14. D

    Visa Small Business

    Anyone know the tune in the new Visa commercial..sounds like beck or the eels...lyrics go"I can't wait to get back to you, I'd jump a crowd, I'd steal a wave"??
  15. F

    Visa Life Takes Hustle

    DOes anybody know the name of the song where the guy is trying to carry the stacks of coffee to everyone in the office? It goes, "When I walk through a jam, nobody knows who I am. Put your head on my chest. I'm Mr. Sucess." Can be found here...
  16. O

    Visa Life Takes Visa

    I have a bad memory. But this commmercial has like people going down stairs on like a cliff. It could be a clothing commercial but i doubt it. any ideas?
  17. ad-rock

    Visa "The Worm" Bill Pay Check Card

    View: Does anybody recognize the song? Thanks~
  18. F

    Visa "Life Takes Visa" Olympics

    Huge Ad campaign going on during the Olympics for VISA, highlights: BOLD Large print titles. "Life takes ambition" "Life takes Luck" "Life takes Exploration" Life takes Determination Like takes Talent Life Takes Risks" so go on live life,, life takes visa.
  19. F

    Visa Signature rewards

    Visa Signature rewards card commercial has a song that's driving me nuts trying to find. It includes the words "give me a kiss to build a dream on" Help!
  20. I

    Visa stadium

    I think this is commercial broadcasted within the past year. It starts off in a football stadium. The football players start running onto the field all pumped up while in the announcer/dj box the dj puts in a cd and some soft rock/love song (sung by a female that had an Enya feel to it) comes...