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I think this is commercial broadcasted within the past year. It starts off in a football stadium. The football players start running onto the field all pumped up while in the announcer/dj box the dj puts in a cd and some soft rock/love song (sung by a female that had an Enya feel to it) comes on. The dj looks suprised/embarassed. I don't remember what the commercial was trying to advertise. Possibly a store that sells cheap cd or maybe something different altogether. Anyone have any ideas on what this song could be?
If we are thinking about the same ad, it was a Visa ad. Something about a Stillers stadium worker not able to afford "Who Let The Dogs Out" (by the Baha Men) without his Visa card, so instead he has to play "Lovin' You" (by Minnie Riperton).

Gawd they played that commercial, like, a bajillion times.
Wow! Thanks! Never thought someone would know. The internet has answers to everything...