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    Old Navy "Why Choose?" 90210

    Hey guys, do any of you know the song thats playing in this commercial for Old Navy jeans titled "Why Choose?" with members of the 90210 cast? It sounds familiar like ive heard it on a classic radio station or something but im unsure.
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    Old Navy Sweaters Fall 2007

    Does anyone know the song on the current fall ad with women's sweaters that says something about "if you're chilly take my sweater"
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    Old Navy "Fash On"

    Old Navy "Fash On" What is the song that is playing during this commercial? It's not this song... lights, camera, action we gon get our fash'on. This song has more of a techno sound to it. The girl in the song does say Fash'On.
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    Old Navy "Fash On"

    Old Navy "Fash On" Today, I saw a brand new Old Navy ad and really liked the tune ... Went to Old Navy's website, you can watch the ad - which is titled "Bounce" ... But they don't mention (as of this moment) what the music is ... Old Navy site Lemme describe the tune ... It's a rap tune...
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    Old Navy "Daddy-o"

    Female vocals, electronic pop sound. Lyrics rattle off a series of colors then the chorus seems to be "Daddy-o, Daddy-o" or something of the like. It sounds a bit like the German group Electrocute.
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    Old Navy Sweaters

    this jazzy commercial featured the same ol' characters in a limo with some sort of remix to the "let it snow song" i think it was bing crosby singin it because it was an old artist. ur posts r welcomed, happy holidays