1. L

    NCIS New Orleans

    The song starts at 0:21. The description say's it's songs from someone called Gyom which I am coming up short on finding any information on. I thought I would see if anyone here knew what the song's title was called at the time stamp above. Thanks!
  2. J

    NCIS Season 9

    NCIS Season 9 'Nature of the Beast' (track plays near the end of the episode) Artist: Fink Track: Wheels Record label: Ninja Tune Buy this track on iTunes...
  3. P

    NCIS Los Angeles

    Hello I would like to know if anybody know the name of the song played in the final minutes of ncis los angeles when cullon was entering dom information as missing person. Thank you
  4. Spinfusor

    NCIS Los Angeles

    I just saw (during David Letterman) a promo for the September 22 premiere of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. No vocals; hopefully someone knows the music.
  5. G


    Sounds kind of electro-ish, but is played by an electric guitar. PLEASE try and find this out, it should be on FX on most breaks. Cheers.:D
  6. M

    NCIS Season 6

    Does anyone know the torch song to which the babe NCIS agent is dancing in the opening scene?
  7. iamkgb

    NCIS Season 5

    Just FYI The last song played in the Oct. 2 episode was "All We Are" by Matt Nathanson Get it at Amazon.
  8. tlch67

    NCIS Season 4

    Hi all- Just heard the opening song for tonights NCIS episode. Loved it and would really like to know who it's by and the title. Thanks! T
  9. W

    NCIS Season 3

    anybody know the song that was playing when Tony went into the lab and talked to Abby who had black roses for him? It was an instrumental playing. Kind of industrial sound, maybe like Front Line Assembly kinda sound. tia woody
  10. stonefox_gurl

    NCIS Season 2

    Does anyone know who did the song for the NCIS theme song? It's not the Navy NCIS I don't think but the song has a techno sound to it... HELP!
  11. S

    NCIS Season 1

    Anyone know any info on the theme song? . . . . I did search.. Thanks for any help.