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Does anyone know who did the song for the NCIS theme song? It's not the Navy NCIS I don't think but the song has a techno sound to it... HELP!
Does anyone know the theme music to the cbs show called NCSI, sort of like CSI but it is naval. Sounds like a song you can dance to. Thats all i know.
It's NCIS if that helps you, and have you tried one of their fan sites or the CBS site? I found one thread that said Numeriklab does the theme and some of Abby's music too. Haven't actually checked that out yet, though.
NCIS "Witness" episode question

What's the name of the song/band that performs it when Abby was talking about how she works better with her music? it sounded like Suicide Commando or some industrial band but not sure.
Re: NCIS "Witness" episode question

Thank you for the song info but sadly, as good as Android Lust is it isn't them. It was by a male singer, sounded a bit like Suicide Commando and was during a quick scene when Abby was listening to it loud while doing some testing when she was asked "how do you work with all that noise?" and she ended up turning it up.