1. L

    Glee Season 3

    During the most recent episode, Dance With Somebody, there was piano music playing in the background for a few seconds in the scene where Kurt and Blaine were having their "couple's counseling" in Emma's office. It has played before in many different episodes of Glee, and I'm just wondering if...
  2. evansls

    Glee Season 1

    in the new tv show, glee, that aired after american idol tonight, there was a very soft piano instrumental tune that was playing in the background when Will Schuester (the glee teacher) was talking to Emma Pillsbury (the other teacher / red hair) about his passion for singing after she showed...
  3. K


    so you know that new show on ABC (i think) that's starting soon? well there's like an a capella or all female version of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and i was wondering if anyone knows who does it?