ghost whisperer

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    Ghost Whisperer Season 4

    Does anyone know the name of the song that was played during the middle of the Ghost Whisperer episode last night? I've checked many other sites and I can't find it anywhere! Thanks...
  2. A

    Ghost Whisperer Season 3

    hey everyone!! There was a Episode tonight 10-5 and the epsiode was about Bloody Mary and about this girl Rachel for you who have watched it or whatever there is a song at the end and i was wondering what it was...if anyone knows let me know ASAP! it went like this "And I won't Let You Go"
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    Ghost Whisperer

    There is a song played on the most current Ghost Whisperer commercial. The lyrics go "talk to me, talk to me, you feel the to me" PLEAE HELP!!
  4. D

    Ghost Whisperer Season 2

    Does anyone know the title or artist behind the opening theme for the show Ghost Whisperer? Its stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and it airs Fri. 8pm on CBS.
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    Ghost Whisperer Season 1

    I couldnt find what the song is from CBS, it's from tonight's episode Shadow Boxer song played toward the end when the guy was having that fight. anyone knows?