1. P


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfx_V2mYT1w Who does this song? It's been around forever...
  2. V

    Nip/Tuck Season 6

    Does anybody know the name of the song playing at the beginning of the season premiere while the female narrator was talking about the 1987 stock market crash?
  3. G


    Sounds kind of electro-ish, but is played by an electric guitar. PLEASE try and find this out, it should be on FX on most breaks. Cheers.:D
  4. L

    FX has the movies

    Hi Guys.. Do you guys remember that song it went like this "Fx Fx, FX has the movies, Fx FX Has the movies, FX Has the movies"? Anyway, there used to be a vid on Youtube a long time ago, and i cant find it anymore.. But if any of yall know where i can get the song or video. Please let me know...
  5. W

    Rescue Me Season 5

    Anyone know the LAST song of Episode 1, season 5 "Baptism"? Can't give you much more info. Too many good catch words to guess at a title.
  6. U

    Rescue Me Season 5

    Rescue Me There is a brand new ad on FX for the show Rescue Me and I have been unable to find the song that plays in it.. The song lyrics are sung kind of fast and I believe they go: "On another day, come on! Come on!" Or something like that, I looked in the other Rescue Me thread and it...
  7. alleycat08

    FX Network

    hello all, so there was a commercial on FX that was "clipping" together a bunch of movies together, going from one movie scene to the next. i remember the movie "The Prestige" was in it, i dnt remember the other movies in the commercial. if i see it again, i will post to this. sry i dnt...
  8. leone


    "Stepping Stone" by Duffy (Amazon)
  9. justinother2001

    Testees chastity belt

    the part of the ad after the lady takes her shirt off and the dudes get shocked. the shows logo is shown on screen and a happy whistling tune is played. lol, i have id DVR'd so if you hve any more specific questions, ill try to answer. Thanks!
  10. D

    Sons of Anarchy

    i caught just a few minutes of this show last night and i heard a version of "Son of a Preacher Man". it was sung by a woman, sort of a slower more jazzy version. did anyone happen to see the show and know who it was? :huh:
  11. J

    Sons of Anarchy

    anyone know what song is in this commercial? It sounds like Eddie Vedder singing "Hello my friend..." thanks all, Jay
  12. miss_noetic

    FX Channel

    Happy Holidays! I just saw a commercial from FX channel, that starts off with the guys from nip/tuck swimming towards the viewer...and then it goes off and shows clips from the FX lineup. The song sounds a bit like R&B soul, I'm reminded of Stevie Wonder...but it could be a new singer with a...
  13. S


    Hey I looked around the forum and didn't see any other threads about this show. It's a brand new series on FX starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne. The song plays about 29 minutes into the show just after Rose Byrne's character (Ellen Parsons) is given an engagement ring, during a love scene...
  14. P

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia This show had 2 seasons on Fx and was hilarious imo. there is this one piano song played in the background when frank (danny devito) knocks out his boxing mate at the end of the episode 205 "Hundred Dollar Baby" aired on July 13, 2006. anyone know this one?
  15. E

    Rescue Me Season 4

    there was a song that had the words, "Treat me like a backseat lover" or something like that. anyone know who that was and what the name of the song is?
  16. X

    Rescue Me Season 4

    Hey does anyone know the song playing as Denis Leary is getting dragged by Hook and Ladder truck on the new Promo. I believe some of the lyrics are "stop, drop and roll". Thanks
  17. A


    I need help finding the final song on the Dirt premier on FX its a slower acoustic song any help would be appreciated...
  18. V


    Trailer for Dirt a new show on FX has a cool song with the lyrics "This time you've gone too far" any ideas?
  19. S

    Nip/Tuck Season 4

    It's the song playing while Christian seduces the house wife turned Kimber wannabe after learning about Kimber's new "bring out the porn star in you" work group. Female voice, Mono-esque sounding. Anyone have any idea?
  20. C

    Rescue Me Season 3

    Rescue Me Ad Music Does anyone know what the song is used in a recent ad: The chorus is "Under Pressure" and it almost sounds like there is a sample bass track from a Tone-Loc song. The male voice occasionally approaches falsetto. Thanks.