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    Ford Go Further 2016 Sales Event

    I liked the song, found it on YT: The song is called Freedom, by Freedom Pitbull and you can find it at Amazon.
  2. K

    2010 Ford Fusion

    I want the song on this commercial! But the only lyrics on it are "na na naa na na naa" so it's proving very difficult to find. The commercial is here, and the song comes at the end: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFVwyg26v-w
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    Ford Fusion

    This is driving me nuts!! Does anyone know the title of the song in the Canadian Ford Fusion commercials...the one with the couple in the car driving around town and "creating a reaction"...
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    Ford Fusion

    saw it during breaks of antm cycle 5. sorry if this was asked already and if it was could someone direct me to the post. it had no lyrics though. Sorry again.
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    Ford Fusion

    Hi everyone. I just saw the new Ford Fusion advertisement on TV and the song is an old favourite of mine. It's called Timber by Coldcut if anyone was wondering, I imagine this commercial will get more air-time in the near future.