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saw it during breaks of antm cycle 5. sorry if this was asked already and if it was could someone direct me to the post. it had no lyrics though.

Sorry again.
It is a red car and there is music with no lyrics playing in the background. What is that song called?
if its the same commercial I saw, its called "Cold Hands Cold Heart" by Brendan Benson. I think its on the CD called "The Alternative to Love, " and its great!
The song is actually entitled, "Cold Hands Warm Heart" and the Alternative to Love is a great album.
Is that the commercial where the whole commercial is red, and the car is swinging around and stuff?
song from the car commercial...midsize ford fusion...has sparkly things coming out of some guys ipod and ..yeah. .
ha nevermind. search is a great and useful function.

its "brendan benson - cold hands, warm heart"
Im not sure what company it is, I do know its a hybrid through.

The commercial starts with someone riding in a subway train thing, holding an ipod. Then shows a car driving, and sparkle things flying out the building windows.

at the end, the guy says something like "a car shouldent just use energy, it should create it" or somthing.

Whats the music from this?
There are 4 versions of Cold Hands on iTunes. One is an acoustic version.
I saw it last night, and was like "!! I remember that!! I need it!" because it was off the Disney Channel Movie, "You Wish!" and I heard it play, and I wanted it, if anyone knows the name, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks! :D
I was looking for this song too after I heard it on the Ford Fusion commerical!

I actually heard the song when I was working (at a bookstore media deparment).

It's on the "Smallville Metropolis Soundtrack", track #8. It's Brendon Benson's: "Cold Hands (Warm Heart).
I hope that helps :D
I'm looking for the song in a commercial I've been looking for for a couple of months. It's been showing in Washington state in the U.S. on some local channel (cbs, nbc, upn, or fox). It starts out showing a white Ipod, so you think it's an Ipod commercial, but then the camera swoops out the window and eventually you see it's a car commercial. I don't know what car it is, but it's not a VW, and it's just a plain compact car, not an SUV or van or truck or convertible or anything. I haven't seen it in the past couple of weeks, but it's been on tv for several months now. If you remember this commercial and can post any other details, please do! Thanks.
sounds like the ford fusion ad with brendan benson's "cold hands warm heart", but i could be wrong.
I don't know. I've been looking all over for that song too. I can't quite hear the lyrics either. Something about 'possibilities'. Hehe. :D The iPod thing got you too huh?