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Hi everyone. I just saw the new Ford Fusion advertisement on TV and the song is an old favourite of mine. It's called Timber by Coldcut if anyone was wondering, I imagine this commercial will get more air-time in the near future.
YES! i knew i had this song and i heard it, u saved me buddy, i was goin crazy cause i knew i owned this song, and saw it on tv...when i tried to look for it, i couldn't find it in my 2500 song playlist..u saved me a lot of trouble..good work, and thanks
So happy to hear this track again! Indeed an old favorite in my pile of vinyl. Here's the entire track & video.

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From on the Ford Fusion commercials:

"The music to be used in both commercials is by an independent music group from Los Angeles that Kahn declined to name. "They don't even have a name," he said. "They’re that unknown."

Too bad - I like the music too.

Full article:$D6$0


Glad I could help, and thanks for the video link dude.
I need to know the name of the song that is on the car commercial that has the women driving and she drives by a corn stand and it starts popping, underwear fly into the car, and all the electronics start acting up etc.
Yes the song i was looking for with the popcorn and things.. is coldcut.. timber... it's wicked..
thanks everyone

I take that back. I just randomly tried "ford fusion commercial" on KCeasy and found it. Song's called "Timber" and it's by Coldcut. Haha. Damn, I'm good.