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    Song in this Video.

    :ph34r: Can't identify song in this video. Is it possible some one of you may know the name of this song? It says in the comments that the song is Kaskade - "gonna make it", but they have lied. It is not that song. :ph34r:
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    Songs that mark endings

    :ph34r: Andrea Bocelli - "Time to say Goodbye" Moby - "GOD Moving Over The Face of The Waters" Orbital - "Halcyon (On and On)" :ph34r:
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    Songs that mark endings

    :ph34r: Brian Eno - "An ending" Ulrich Schnauss - "Goodbye" :ph34r:
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    CTI channel Taiwanese

    :ph34r: I know the station....I watch it sometimes in French. But you will be hard pressed to find the song without a name or lyrics. Good Luck :ph34r:
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    Hi! I was a lurker but now I'm not! :)

    :ph34r: Maybe I look at words from a detective's point of view. Lurk to me sounds evil and negative. Sorry. :ph34r:
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    Hi! I was a lurker but now I'm not! :)

    :ph34r: Yes, true.....but since I see the word "Lurked" in the Intro.....silly me just assumed that the usage of the word was creepy. SILLY ME! How crazy am I?!?! How interesting that someone saying "I lurked about..." could have a possitive meaning. Love Adtunes....FOREVER!
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    Hi! I was a lurker but now I'm not! :)

    :ph34r: Welcome. "Lurked" means to lie in wait ready to ambush. As in to prowl or creep or loiter. Lets find more positive synonyms like "hung out" or simply "wait". GOD has blessed the righteous and not the creepy. :ph34r:
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    Whats up

    :ph34r: What kind of name is Noy? :ph34r:
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    hi, everyone

    it's because some time ago, i remember seeing INA to identify Indonesia . i remember it from some badminton games, All England or Thomas & Uber Cup few years ago, INA is used in the scoresheet. perhaps it's changed since then. my bad. [/b] :ph34r: Very good explanation. Accept my appologies...
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    5 TV Personalities you must like.

    :ph34r: Stop acting like a high school childish girl. If you are a "vetern" aka: Veteran of Adtunes, then act like it. Better yet, if you wish to act like that in front of others, then by all means...let no one stop you. :ph34r:
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    5 TV Personalities you must like.

    :ph34r: :huh: You have lost me. :ph34r:
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    Last Good Movie You Saw

    :ph34r: Triad Election known as Election II in Hong Kong and China. :ph34r:
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    5 TV Personalities you must like.

    :ph34r: On a side note. I like Bloodlessr's "Chinese Wispers" portfolio. Reminds me of my ex. It gives me a certain feeling. :ph34r:
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    5 TV Personalities you must like.

    :ph34r: If you are indicating that I am the cause of the chaos, that is a false notion. Look @ everyone's posts and responses and then make that determination. You will see that altough I may be harsh and is the responders to my posts that are the most negative and cause the most...
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    Where did dascoot go for 6 months?

    :ph34r: Thanks for your honesty. Freedom has its perks. :ph34r: