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Hi gang, just saw an ad for "Zelnorm" a medication for inflammatory bowel syndrome - white background with text on a lot of women's bare midriffs. Anyone know the tune? -Thanks, Pteryxx
I watched the ad and, in my opinion, the music sounds like an original composition done specifically for the commercial...

You can see the ad on the Zelnorm website here.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't a new composition. I heard this same music in a jeans ad about a year ago, and I heard it at Disney's Pleasure Island (where they had dancers dancing to it.) There's actual lyrics where a bunch of guys are just going "Up up up up-Uptown!" (that comes later in the song, so its easily edited from commercials) and thats about it, but I still can't find this song anywhere.
Hi Peeps, B)

It sounds to me like 'Hip Joint' by Jadell on their album 'How Do I Do' - without the trumpets. Although for the commercial it is played at a slightly slower tempo.

It may have been re-recorded by commisioned artists for royalty reasons or it might be a different part of the track I can't be sure because I have never heard the full track.

I found an audio sample of the song I mention above on the German version of amazon here.

Don't bother using P2P you wont find it! You can buy it through adtunes.com here.

Hope this helps

No-one's asked yet... but the music featured in a the new Zelnorn IBS commercial is called
eva or E.V.A. by jean jacques / perrey
Someone did ask, we just didn't have clue who the music was by! :lol:

For those interested, here's the CD on Amazon: on the album "Moog Indigo" by Jean-Jacques Perrey.

Thanks for posting the info, Orbs...!!
cool... i didn't know this thread existed. anyway... the song's name is
eva or E.V.A. by jean jacques / perrey
Yes thats it, seems that 'Jadell - Hip Joint' used samples from E.V.A.

Learn something new everyday

The version I heard is actually a FATBOY SLIM remix of E.V.A. by Jacques Jean-perrey. It does not have the bells in it..