Zellers Christmas


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Hey guyz, how y'all doing? Does anyone here know the song used the in New Zellers Christmas commercial? The song is very catchy and hard to describe, if anyone here knows the name of it, give me a shout. Thanks a bunch guyz.
It's been answered in another post. Not sure how to paste a link to it though, just do a search on zellers and you should find it.

It's a remix of Roy Orbison's 'Sweet Dreams Baby'
is this the commercial where they skate around on ice? Because if it is, i was looking for that song too.
Hey, probably only Canadians out there can help me out...the new Zellers ads for the upcoming holidays have this great tune in the background...it sounds like something from a band from the 60s ir 70s....the only lyrics I can remember are "show me your love" or something to that affect.
The original is from the Yardbirds, but the one in the Zeller's ad sounds more like a techno remix of the original. Anybody knows who could have done it ?