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OH MY GOD. Thank you. That's one of my favorite movies and I cannot believe I didn't recall that. Thanks.
Originally posted by alexbunke@Mar 12 2005, 09:57 PM
OH MY GOD. Thank you. That's one of my favorite movies and I cannot believe I didn't recall that. Thanks.
:D Your welcome. It's one of my fav's as well.
I know its been doene before, if anyone knows I would be forever grateful.
i'm sorry but i dont believe i have seen the tv spot.

chances are that whatever music played in the tv spot played in the trailer or teaser so i suggest you watch them and tell us if the song is in one of them

teaser (quicktime) low, med, high:

trailer (windows media) low res:

heres a list of the songs that played in the trailer and teaser:
I think the music in the TV spot is different. Similar genre though - action orchestra.
The music in the tv spot is the same used in the LOTR - The Two Towers trailer. Its called Requiem Overture, but im not sure who its by.
It is by clint mansell and i have been looking for the song also. the one with the drums added. would anyone be able to find a link for it?
can someone tell me what music is played in the trailer from right after the narrator says "columbia pictures presents a new adventure from the world of jumanji..." i know one piece is van helsing, and the 1st piece sounds familiar but i can't place my finger on it. any ideas, thanks in advance!!! i already know the music used i nthe beginning of the trailer its the same as the teaser.

0:00 - 0:19 = "Teaching Mathematics Again" - A Beautiful Mind - James Horner

0:20 - 0:32 = "Shuttle To Planet" - Galaxy Quest - David Newman

0:33 - 0:45 = "Race For Time" - Brainstorm - James Horner

0:50 - 1:10 = "Back On The Air" - The Abyss - Alan Silvestri

1:11 - 1:31 = ? I DO NOT KNOW

1:41 - 1:55 = "Final Battle" - Van Helsing - Alan Silvestri

1:56 - End = ? I DO NOT KNOW
yes, as stated its a remix of "requiem for a dream," that was originally done specifically for the "Two Towers" trailer....This version has not been commercially released as far as i know, but here is a link to it in HQ....

(you'll notice at about 2:20, the part from the famous LOTR trailer starts off....)

#/d.aspx?id=2J9FLH4PI9VS62OM8SU25UKYLO]http://s46.#[link deleted]#/d.aspx?id=2J9FLH4...S62OM8SU25UKYLO

now, can anyone post a link to the zathura tv spot its used in, i've only spotted it once on tv, would like to see how its used again....TIA!!

here's another copy of requiem remix, just in case :

#/d.aspx?id=1C1Z2KWCO0GXJ28AH2D8GKCXTK]http://s46.#[link deleted]#/d.aspx?id=1C1Z2KW...XJ28AH2D8GKCXTK
oh man, the clint mansell ones are great, but it seems to be a slight remix.. the zath ad seems to be faster..

thanks so much for finding these tho! :D
does anyone have a link to the zathura ad itself....?? neither trailers online have the music in it, anyon have a link to the tv spot?? Thanx....
Does anyone know the name of the song from the TV Spot. Is it even a real song or is it just a composition for the commercial?
The actual name of the song is called Lux Aeterna (that should be one of those AE combination characters, but I don't know how to do that). Its on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, as well as The Two Towers, and a smattering of other movies/trailers.
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