Yu Yu Hakusho


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i'm looking for an ending song on the show yu yu hakusho. i'm not sure what ending it is, and i went to the animelyrics.com to find it but i didn't see it. anyway the lyrics are soo retarded and stupid as he|| a part of the song goes something like this:

this is my last, and my most loving request

then something about not breaking a seal and ya'll know exactly how he feels...it's dumb i know but i really want the song, my husband said right now that it might be the 3rd season so i'll continue to look but if any of ya know it off-hand that would be great.
The song you are looking for is called 'Taiyo ga Mata Kagayaku Toki' or 'When the Sun is Shining Again' by TAKAHASHI HIRO.

It is actually the 4th ending song but Cartoon Network used it for the 3rd ending. Confused? I am!

You can view the original Japanese lyrics and their English translation here.
oh man that was driving me crazy! hehe thanks a whole lot! and yes...i am confused :blink: