Woodbine Mohawk horse racing track


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Looking for Ontario horse track commercial (think it was Woodbine race track) or artist which has been aired up here in Torornto and Ontario in general for about 2 years now. Wonderfully inspirational music somewhat symphonic, high paced yet intricate and vibrant in his classical unter tone. Any help would greatly be appreciated!! ;)
this is an old commercial advertising a horse track called mohawk located somewhere in ontario. in the commercial there are poeple sitting in the house track some in the dinning room, seats and consessions and their all busy talking to someone. then the horses are running by and everyone is quiet and just watching. the some is very nice and when listen to it just makes you wanna get up and fly. it's has no vocal just an orcastra playing. please help me out with this song thank you
does anyone know this song for the commercial yet. I loved it and still can't find it.
This is another woodbine Mohawk woodbine commercial. Ican't find it on youtube but if anyone knows the one I'm talking about. Could you post the commercial or the music on the commercial please.