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Does anyone have an idea of what the song used in this commercial is?
I only saw it once and didn't get a chance to remember any of the lyrics.
I saw it again, it is a female voice and the lyrics are all in french - all I could make out was "amour" a few times
i know what ur talkin about, it's a loreal or revlon commercial, and there all like in french "mon amour, mon amour" yea it gets in my head all the time, i duno it though
Does this weblog entry answer your question?

Maybe Revlon goes by "Witchery" in Australia?? :unsure:
As near as I can tell Witchery is a department store and David Jones is a clothing line. Can't find anything on the ad though.
yeah then i guess it's not the same commercial, maybe it's the same song? the song sounds kinda oldish
It is definately not the same song as the Revlon commercial.

I know the Revlon commercial - I actually bought the CD (Ilya - They Died For Beauty) with the song on it before I saw the commercial.
Thanks for the suggestions

So I'm still looking :)
Its called bellissimo by Ilya. Its from a revlon commercial.

Hope that helps!

:lol: I guess I have no room to comment on anyone reading a thread thoroughly before posting. :p
I still haven't managed to find out the song. (Definately, absolutley NOT Belissimo)
But it did discover that the commercial was created by a company called Saatchi & Saatchi which is based in Sydney. I haven't been able to get a response from them yet though.