Wine Commercial Song


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Years ago there was this wine commercial song, I even think it may be shown now, and it was something about danicing in the moon light or something like that, it was a dinner party at night, they had lights strung up and I just don't remember anything else.

anybody got any ideas on the song name??? Please!! I just heard the song yesterday and can't think of it and it's driving me nuts!!
Melissa!! Thank you soooooo much!! You are great!! That is the song!! LOLOLOL I wanna use it at the wedding!

Thanks so much!!

You're welcome. :)
And congratulations.. I'm assuming it's you getting married.. ;)
:lol: :lol: yes it is!! :lol: sorry about that, thank you!!
Hehe McGruff.. hey remember Woodsy the Owl? Give a hoot, don't pollute?
Daaaaaaaaam girl! I've always believed that was a Van Morrison tune. Had to go to my MP3 files and change it. Good Lookin Out!!!
Thank you, thank you.. (takin' a bow)
I am the encyclopedia of useless knowledge.. classic rock edition.. my mother is so proud. :p
And that Van Morrison song you're confusing it with is Moondance.. just in case you didn't already know that.. ;)
I think I remember an owl. Oh no I don't. I am thinking about the tootsie roll Mr. Owl. I remember Smokey the bear though.
Actually I didn't have them confused.....I knew that they were different songs. I just had them both in my Van Morrison file. LOL
But it's alllll right now. education is a gooooood thing.

Thanks again!!!
Well the way I see it, if you know the NAME Van Morrison, chances are you know the music.. but I figured, just in case.. :)
LMAO....I have to agree with you and am in fact a little embarrassed at having thought it was Morrison for all these years.

My only solace is the fact that so many Kazaa users seem to be just as mistaken
:lol: I'm glad that someone else noticed Kazaa does that too!! Even with songs that EVERYBODY knows who did it!! :lol:
Yeah, like.. try looking for "Baba O'Riley".. it's almost non-existant.. but look up "Teenage Wasteland". Funny..
I guess one person names it wrong, then 5 people download that misnamed song, then 5 people download from THOSE 5 people, and soon ya got Van Morrison - Dancing in the Moonlight spreading like a virus..