Windows XP Music


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This isnt a commercial or on tv but this forum is the most active one out of them all so i thought id get the fastest answer, move this if you have to and sorry for the inconvenience. I'm looking for the music from Windows XP Home edition when you first install windows, you get a screen that says lets get started and you keep clicking next and set up your user accounts, i searched for the song on my computer in .wav and mp.3 files but i cant find it. anyone know where i can get it or what its called?
hey buddy, try looking it up in your system folder in windows. I forgot the exact location now. But Name's title.wma
I loved that track.

Let me know if you still can't find it.
the path where you can find that song is

c:(or your main drive)\Windows\system32\oobe\images\title.wma
Guess I have not heard it before. Is it not on the pro edition. That's the one I have but I didn't hear any music or anything when installing it.
That song caught my attention the first time I installed windows in 2002. If anyone wants it you can email me and I'll send it to you.
Does any one have any idea of where more like this can be found?
i remember that tune. i used to play it when i first had my pc since i got no mp3s yet. it's the "Windows Welcome Music".