Wild Boyz

Hmm... haven't found anything yet.

But, for anyone who's curious... I think I came across the theme for Viva La Bam: "King of Rock n Roll" by Daniel Lioneye.
Yes I too have been desperately seeking the song for the Wildboys show. Please someone has to know! :unsure:
I'm pretty sure the band that does the theme for Wild Boyz is Turbonegro - it's the same band that Bam (on "Viva La Bam") invites back to his house for the "Don't Feed Phil" episode (which would've been just last week), when Bam and the band members all have black paint around their eyes (a la Marilyn Manson).

Since Bam's taste in music seems to be mostly in European goth/rock/glam bands (like his infatuation with the crappy band "Him" which he even modeled a skateboard after), it would be my guess that they (Turbonegro) are a European band

If I mixed up the name of the band somehow, just watch the end credits of Wild Boyz - it says Wild Boyz theme song by ......
Are you sure about that? Turbonegro sucks....and they're Norweigan. Enough said. <_<
well I wasn't giving a review of the band, however I now know I'm sure.

It's Turbonegro if you're talking about the Wild Boyz theme song.

Don't worry, by this time next year you'll be painting your face too.

Although, as I stated before, I don't particularaly care for Euro gloth rock like Him and Turbonegro.
If I am going to paint my face for a band, it will be for The Misfits.
hey the wildboyz theme song is "the age of pamparius" by turbonegro. the part of the song the intro plays is about 1:30 into the song.
According to an earlier post, the song is "The Age of Pamparius" by Turbonegro. Chile9 said the theme song part is about 1:30 into the song. Link goes to available audio sample. It doesn't sound like the right song, but I'll take Chile9's word for it that it's the right song...

Edit to add: I just listened to a full length of the song, and it's definitely the right song. :)
in the wild boyz episode where they dress up like a zebra and get chased by lions, they were playing a song. i had heard this like...wow, along time ago i kinda sounds 80ish to me maybe early 90's. anywho, there are some lyrics that i believe say:

she's just a girl,
she's just a girl;
the girl you want

or something along those lines. it's a really catchy song. i did a few lyric searches and nothing came up even close. thanks for any help!
Hey! does anyone knows what the theme song to Wild Boyz is? its kinda goes like "woah woah woah" something like that... its pretty good. thank you. :D
Hey, does anyone know the theme song from Wild Boyz that plays in the beginning with Chris Pontius and Steve O. Also while we are on this subject, does anyone know what the main theme from Jackass is called? Aight this is cool ; )


The Wildboyz theme is "Age of Pamparius" by Turbonegro and Jackass' theme is "Corona" by the Minutemen.
and you have to fast forward a minute into the age of pamparius or you won't think its the theme song :)