Who was that girl?


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To anyone who may know the answer to this,

Late one night a couple of years ago, I couldn't sleep and was up watching TV (something I almost never do).

Suddenly, there came this very short commercial (one of those 15-second spots, I believe), that has left a lasting impression on me forever since.

It was very simply a young, slim, black girl (20-ish?), sporting an "Afro" hairdo (back from the 60's), wearing only a t-shirt and very well-fitting jeans (of course, as it was, after all, a jeans commercial), and she was playing an electric guitar. Not just playing, but really burning-up a short, lead guitar riff that would make even Hendrix sit up and take notice.
There was nothing else in the frame except this cute little girl and her guitar. There was absolutely no spoken dialog at all. As she magnificently bent and stretched those strings for what seemed to me an eternity, it made me finally start wondering exactly what this commercial was advertising?
And then when she was finished, still not a spoken word of dialog. Simply the name "Levis" (or some other jean brand) faded-in at the bottom of the screen, as the artist just pleasantly eyed the camera's lens as if she was asking me for my approval. And that was it. Wow. What a totally awesome commercial that was!

That was the only time I ever saw that commercial. Never again.

Has anyone else ever seen that commerical>
And can ANYONE tell me just who that talented young girl was?