Whats the song in You Got Served commercial


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whats the song that is playing in the background for the You Got Served commercial??

thanks! :D
Yeah right at the start of the trailer; it goes - "You don't know now but you gone find out!"
Any help would be appreciated.
I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the saong towards the end of the trailer? The only lyrics you hear are "breath in breath out".
Ok well i found the song i asked about above. Its called Drop by timbaland/Magoo/fatman scoop if any one else wants it
Well I don't usually make account, but you guys helped me figure out the Drop song by Timberline...so here's the answer to someone's questions.

The song that goes "you don't know, but you gone find out"

It's called

Aceyalone - Find Out

Thanks for the help.

Hope this helps you!!
i wanna know what the song is, in the trailer, when wade an them are battling, and "they get served"...
the song from the last scene where wade's crew gets served is

Joe Budden - Pump it up