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Since I am newbie here and don't what you guys listen to, just thought I would ask.

I like lots of Indie stuff - shins, postal service, etc.

mostly everything, including the ones you listed. if you're ever bored...you can look through our old threads...there were some really good lists of stuff we listen to...oooh i like reading through the heavy rotation thread. found some good stuff there.
my all time top favs are bjork and queen... my taste is pretty eclectic though. lately i've been listening to a lot of the new indie stuff that's been getting a lot of mainstream attention. but overall, there's something i like in just about every genre.
Anything and everything and I'm always looking for new songs and artists.

Michelle whats a good Bjork song? I've only heard "Hunter" (from The X-Files Soundtrack) and "Army of Me" (from Tank Girl soundtrack)...yes I'm a nerd :angel:
I'm into more electonic music. Ambient, industrial, some loose relaxed rock, a bit of indie, techno (although 90% of techno sucks in my opinion), downtempo, experimental, IDM (ooh there's a big one), a tiny bit of underground hip hop.

My favorite bands:

machine drum
aphex twin

...still more coming. That's all I got off the top of my head.
Originally posted by leone@Nov 17 2004, 04:31 PM
Michelle whats a good Bjork song? I've only heard "Hunter" (from The X-Files Soundtrack) and "Army of Me" (from Tank Girl soundtrack)...yes I'm a nerd :angel:
:wub: Some of my favorites that come to mind:


Debut: Venus As A Boy, Big Time Sensuality, One Day
Post: Army of Me, Isobel, Possibly Maybe, I Miss You
Homogenic: Joga, All Is Full Of Love
Vespertine: Pagan Poetry

Post is probably my favorite album. Her latest, Medula, I'm still getting into -- but I wouldn't suggest it to anyone unless they really "get" Bjork. ;)
U2, Tool, Bread. :) Those are my current favorites. Well, the U2 and Tool are firm but anyway..
I listen to about every kind of music so it's too difficult to choose. Off the top of my head though I'm a big fan of Beastie boys, Johnny Lang, Pink Floyd, ......I should stop cause I could just keep on listing them.

I recently (thanks to the help of this forum) have purchased Richard Buckner. (the volkswagon taureg commercial with the picture taking at the top of the hill) I also added Bruse McCabe to my collection. (He sings Irish Angel.)
A Long Time Coming? I was actually a bit disappointed. But I will forgive him cause he's extremely talented. :p
i tend to like classic rock, but will listen to most anything.

Lately i have been into old stuff like Dean Martin and Sinatra, but also Dylan, the stones, muddy waters, the coasters, newer stuff too, but for me most of it is namless.

Oh and i love monty python

all together now

"Sit on my face and tell me that you love me"
right now....andrew bird~!

favorites include: dimitri from paris and de-phazz
Originally posted by hanke@Nov 17 2004, 09:11 PM
all together now

"Sit on my face and tell me that you love me"

That reminds me of my senior year english class. Somehow this guy in my class got the teacher to sing that in class. That was a little scary.

Sorry for that random post :)
We :heart: random.

My husband and I were quoting Monty Python at dinner earlier: "Better get me a bucket, I fink I'm gonna frow up." Really loud, too. We *so* don't belong in nice restaurants.
I don't belong in nice restuarants either but thats never stopped me before. :D Once, a bunch of my friends and I went to a restaurant for a birthday celebration and for one reason or another, someone at the table started talking about orgies (I have sick friends) And, wow!, I've never seen anything get people's attention so quickly
anthony, since you like electronic music, have you listened to kraftwerk, the grand pappy of the genre?
Kraftwerk reminds me of that androgenous character in the Simpsons episode where Grampa and Bart get all that stolen German art from under water..