Weblog, or no?


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We're wondering if anyone from the Forums also reads the front page of this site, aka the Weblog?

Do you have the Forums bookmarked? Or do you get into the Forums by clicking on the link from the home page?

Would it be helpful to have a notice of new Weblog posts mentioned in the Forums somewhere?

So many questions, but your comments are appreciated.


I simply have the forums page bookmarked, and never view the weblog. So an announcement probably would catch my eye.
I concur. I try to check the weblog every so often but I'm lazy about it..
yea, i just bookmark the forums. You could post notices about albums under "important topics" or whereever...
got the forums bookmarked but I read the blog.. I've got one of my own and no-one ever reads it so I make sure to read other people's cause I know how it feels if no-one does. :)
yeah, I tend just to type adtunes.com/forums

but sometimes I type adtunes.com/forms

and those are the days I catch up with the weblog ;)

Usually I'll peruse it once and a while, though that last example is true. I just look to see if anything pops out to me, but I'm more about the forums.