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Does anyone know if they post what they play anywhere or something? I like their New Agey music, but since it's sans-lyrics, it's hard to explain them in text.
I think all of their music is their original work, and I do not believe you can find it anywhere on the internet.
Yeah, Mram's probably right... But, you might try contacting their Customer Relations department and see if they have any info.
wow, that's pretty impressive that they keep a list (and back that far!). :)
:eek: holy smokes! now that is impressive. i need to start watching the weather channel more often apparently... seeing as there's a whole "fansite" of sorts covering the music -- must be something good i'm missing! ;)
Hi guys! This is hilariously great. I just recently became addicted to The Weather Channel, and I LOVE the music. So I was looking for specific tracks from yesterday, August 3, 2004. I checked out the website that suggested "twcclassics" but it seems to be from 2003. Does anyone know how to see what is played daily? Or have I just crossed the line into freakdom?
ok, now I am positive the Weather Channel played "You Enjoy Myself" - a great Phish song yesterday! The music website is only updated through June, but I can't wait to check for August.
Does anyone know where to find the tracks for the weatherscan? There is about a total of about 10 tracks that continuosly play. Seems like it has been that way since summer 2003, or longer.
I know this is alittle odd, but I was watching the weather channel for the storm warnings and the local bulletin came up. Anyways, some elevator music was playing that was half decent, perhaps someone knows about the workings of the Weather Channel Audio department? Anyways, it was the on the 8s report at 6:30, p.m. today.
Hi... I am looking for a guitar song that I heard about a year ago on the Weather Channel website's forecast. This is not the forecast on the TV, it's on the internet. I have a link to a site I quickly made which has about a 30 second clip. I have already tried to look in the weather channel's site for music played but have found nothing. Hope the website helps...
Hey all, I'm new here. First, I just wanted to say that this seems like an awesome site. I'm definitley glad I found it.

That said....

I was browsing through the threads a bit before I registered and I happened to noticed an older one regarding the music of The Weather Channel. I happen to run a site about everything TWC, and I thought, then, that it might be of interest to some of you since the topic of TWC's music has come up here before. The link is:

The site is chock full of music clips, as well as playlists, not to mention lots of other stuff.

I hope you guys like it, and find it useful and enjoyable!
It may come as a surprise, but you'll find more info on my site than theirs. For some reason they stopped putting up playlists after 2006. I've got playlists through this month on my site (admittedly, though, some are on the forum too).
Looks like you have put a lot of work into your site. Having just clicked on October and Holiday 2007, it launched 2002 for both. You might want to check the links. All in all, looks like you have a really nice site which should serve a lot of requests for TWC music. Nice job. :)
Wow, I check and double check everything on a regular basis, yet it seems like something always slips through the cracks. Thanks for pointing that problem out!

Most of the 2007 playlsits, though can be found on the message board at this time. I haven't had time yet to get them onto the site. :D

Thank you for your compliments! B)
Last night, I emailed all companies involved (those who I could chase down. Bryan at sent me the song: "Cold Cold" by Stephanie's Id. Enjoy. The song is available at iTunes.
Searching for a music

I don't know how to describe or point to any website to identify it.

However, this music often played just before a conference call of a company earning report in stock market.

Few days ago I heard that in the Weather Channel as they were waiting for the next event to report. It gives a feeling of sadness, gloomy and anticipation of what is to come, that is the way I feel.

It is a very common music but I don't know how to identify it.

I wonder anyone can figure out this. I know it is a very long shot.

It is like a monkey with a coconut but can't eat it kinda of frustration.

Thank you for any help.