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Would anyone know the names of the songs that play in the background of gameplay during Warcraft 3? They always have really good music. Warcraft 2 used to allow you to play the music on your cd player but not Warcraft 3.
yes, warcraft 3 has some really cool music

the songs are composed by Glenn Stafford, Derek Duke,Tracy W. Bush and, my favorite, JASON HAYES!!!!! (he also did the soundtrack of world of warcraft)

here's the tracklist

01 - Arcane Echoes
02 - Arrival at Kalimdor
03 - Awakenig
04 - Blackrock and Roll
05 - Blight
06 - Bloodlust
07 - Carrion Waves
08 - Cinematic Suite
09 - Doomhammer's Legacy
10 - Frostmourne
11 - Lordaeron Fall
12 - Reign of Chaos
13 - Rise of the Ancients
14 - Temporary Alliances
15 - The Calm

the first, arcane echoes, is also in world of warcraft, and i think you might be able to get a free audio sample on the world of warcraft official site

(edit: i seem to have made a mistake, arcane echoes is NOT on the world of warcraft soundtrack; i mixed it up with Echoes of the Past)

(edit: sorry)