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anyone know where the music the wachovia securities commercials use is from?
come on guys... they play the commercial like 50 times during the football game sunday... i can only assume it will happen again.
The wachovia music was composed by Billy West and the slide guitar was played by David Semann. Unfortunately it was created specifically for the commerical and as far as I know is unavailable right now. I read somewhere that the music for the commercial is very popular and therefore might be released on CD.

I love it too.. Good luck...

seabound ;)
hey seaman--or finch? i searched for david semann and billy west--cant find any tunes by either other then the fact that billy (i think) does voice overs for a lot of different animated things. any idea where i can get tunes of either david west or billywest? cant find any where either in stores or on the web
I need to know what the tune for the WACHOVIA BANK commercial. It's that slow slow slow guitar beat... ;) <_<
This seems to be a reocurring music selection for wachovia's commercials. There's usually an announcer saying, "What can [blank] teach us about investing?..." The one's I remember off-hand is a diner, and the one running now is "What can a 50 foot swell teach us about investing?" with a surfer riding a wave. The music is actually pretty sparse, just an electric guitar playing some notes softly. I have a suspicion that this was made just for the commercials, but if not I would love to know what it is.
thanks. i ran a search but that post didnt show up. unfortunately my suspicions were right.
What's the song that WACHOVIA uses on it's commercials with that slow guitar beat? :ph34r:
does anyone remember the wachovia commercials where the ad says things aren't what they seem or what's good for one person isn't good for another. they had a string of these commercials but the music is what i really paid attention to. it was a short acoustic guitar piece no longer than, say, twenty seconds or so. can someone tell me who's music they belong to and how i can obtain them? thanks guys.

that was a huge help. thanks. i hope when they do release the music, that someone will notify the forum. peace.