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Has anyone seen the new Volvo commercials that debuted in the US this week? The music sounds like Bob Dylan, but I can't seem to place the song. Any ideas?
... that commercial is really getting old, not so much the visual, but the song is driving me up the wall! I think it's Dylan's voice; his voice grates on me. :angry:
Ha! That is too funny! Someone joins a forum just to gripe about a commercial. How about griping to the Volvo Co. :lol:
This is at least the third thread for this commercial. To wrap everything up, it is indeed Donovan... not Dylan or Simon and Garfunkel doing a Donovan song as previously theorized. And I agree, although it is a cool song, it is getting a little stale.
it's actually stephin merritt from the magnetic fields. i love him! :D
YES!! I thought it was the magnetic fields!! The song's lyrics are "the wheels on the bus go round and round..."
It's for the Volvo XC70

I really believe it's the magnetic fields.