Volks Wagon


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Im not sure which exact car it is that is being advertised, and it may not even be a car, but some special deal. Its the one with the guy that keeps coming in and out of the picture giving details on the deal, and the music is like a high pitch piano.
is that the commercial, where the guy takes a chainsaw and cuts down a tree and it lands on the neighbors house?, cuz i've been looking for that music all day too and havent found it. If so, thats not a high pitched piano, its actually a zillion violins plucking their strings at the same time, which is called "pizzacato" pronounced "pitsacato
There's a few new volkswagon commercials where horrible things happen to people and they're so happy because they just bought new volkwagons. there's a song playing in the background and it's like a shopping mall song or something you'd hear in the 50's commercial for some new techno-gagdet. does anyone have any idea what song it is?

is that the commercial your talking about?, cuz it was posted a few pages back, and no reply :(