Visa "Ideas Happen"

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What is the name of that song?????? Ive been looking for it ever since I heard the beginning on the Ashlee Simpson show.
I'm not sure what ur talking about regarding it being played at the beginning of the ashley s. show.

Maybe we are thinking of two diffrent songs, I dono, but what I do know is that the commercial I saw was black and white and the only color was the people in it. the people in the add all said very random things. at the begaining of the ad it had a guy playing the gutair and at the end a guy talking about creating a more comfertable toliet seat.

Song Description is: piano beat played over again and slowly more beats added, and near the end you could hear the drums kicking in.

I hate ads when they cut it off as its getting good.
right song-wasnt played at the beginning-the beginning of the song was played-anyone know the TITLE or ARTIST???