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Does anyone know the music from the VISA commercial with the homing device and the briefcase?
there's a 'visa gold' commercial that's showing quite a lot during prime time hours, it's about a couple who's lost their luggage. the guy says "good thing i put that homing device on it", and the suitcase makes its way home of its own accord. the travelling suitcase is accompanied by some vocal scat over horns and drums. it sounds freakin amazing, and if i can find out who and what it is i will have lived out my dream for...well...this month. really, though, i REALLY want to know. please help!
come on, people! i KNOW someone out there knows SOMETHING about this tune. patience is a virtue, but bumping your topic back to the top might actually work.
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If you haven't gotten any responses, we just haven't seen the ad. It might be new. I've never seen it. Are you located in the US, or elsewhere? What channel do you usually see it on, during what shows? Have you found a version to watch online, so others can see it? Is it a man or woman doing the vocals?
you know what? i'm sorry. i read them right after posting and felt pretty silly (i tried to enable the blushing emoticon to no avail- you'll just have to picture it!) ...i'm in toronto, canada. i've seen it on these networks during prime time: teletoon, comedy network, cfmt, global, fox. it's getting a lot of airtime definitely between the hours of 9pm and 12am. the scat is done (really, really well) by a male. it sounds like a fusion of funk and world music. very freeform...doesn't sound like a verse-chorus-verse kind of thing, but for sure sounds too produced to have been done by studio musicians just for that commercial. plus you can tell it goes on after the spot ends. any clues or help would be greatly appreciated- i'll consider myself really lucky if i ever find this tune
Well, that explains the lack of response. Most of us are in the US, but there are the occasional Canadian posters who might be able to help you... Them or the more northern US'ers might have seen the ad too.
I'm from Montreal (Canada) and I see that ad a lot... never paid much attention to it but I'll try and give it a good listen next time I see it and try to help you...

More to come later...
I contacted the ad agency, Leo Burnett Toronto, and they told me that the music was written by a company called Groove Addicts in LA. I emailed Groove Addicts and they replied with this:


Dear James:

We get a lot of inquires about the Visa music and it's one of our favorites.
You should find the Lost Luggage Visa spot on our website under "Original
Scoring & Sound Design" then click on "Our Work". Unfortunately the music
has not been released outside the commercial. In fact, it only exist in a
:60 sec. format.

Best regards,

Dain Blair
found this thread via a search...i know its old but it was never answered, and I wouldn't mind knowing either