Virgin Megastore


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This is one commercial out of several for Tower Records. It plays a song and just shows the title and the artist, and then shows the logo for Tower Records. I remember seeing one with an Elvis Costello song a few days ago, but I don't know what the song was. And I honestly don't remember how it went(or else I'd have figured it out on my own). So really, this question is just for people who have seen the commercial.
Hmm... haven't seen it, but surely if Elvis Costello was in the ad they'd be playing his music... You can listen to a ton of audio samples from his "Very Best of" album.
Okay, saw the ad. It's actually for Virgin Megastores -- so I changed the topic title.

The song in that ad is "What's SO Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding." It actually says the artist and title in the ad, and there are a variety of different ads showing in this campaign.

The song is track 1 on his "Very Best of" album.